Organize My Life

At myDucks we know that it can be a little overwhelming to get yours in a row… your ducks, that is. But we’ve been down this path before and we are more than prepared to help you. So, how do you get started? Do you remember the question, how do you eat an elephant? The answer is, one bite at a time! The same is true for organizing your life. Oupages-1-5-larger Personal Organizer is very comprehensive, so you are encouraged to start in the section that you feel is the most pertinent and essential to your life right now.

Why Should I get my Ducks in a Row?

  • I am going through a life transition
  • My health future is uncertain
  • My loved ones are counting on mebudget-page
  • I am a frequent traveler and life is unpredictable
  • My memory is not improving and I need a place to record important things
  • If I am not in charge, I need to know someone else can step in
  • I have put this off too long

Table of Contents

My Life

  • Individuals to Contact When Something Happens to Me
  • Personal Information
  • Personal Medical History

My Stuff

  • Banking, Bills and Budget
  • Investments and Retirement Accounts
  • Personal Possessions and Assets
  • Insurance and Benefit Information
  • Information on my Business

Where Did I Put That?

  • Legal and Official Documents
  • Online Life
  • Travel Plans
  • Home Maintenance Providersspouse-page-large

What Matters

  • Family Recipes
  • Personal Goals and Aspirations
  • Messages to Family and Friends
  • Final Wishes and Arrangements

Spouse & Dependents

  • Spouse’s Personal Information
  • Spouse’s Medical History
  • Dependents’ Medical History
  • Spouse’s Final Wishes and Arrangements

Glossary & Forms

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