MyDucks Personal Organizer

personal-organizerThis user friendly organizer helps you get your “ducks in a row” with less intimidation and of course less procrastination. You simply begin by focusing on any section of the Organizer that is pertinent to your life. We’ve made it easy and even kind of fun to manage your personal data, medical history, financial and insurance information, legal documents, final wishes and much more.

  • Download extra pages
  • Pockets to store documents
  • Leave a legacy in your handwriting

Price: $48.00

myDucks Thumb Drive

usb-thumb-drive_1All of the Personal Organizer information in a digital format.
* Store your information on the drive itself, your computer, in the cloud, your lock box, or whatever secure location you choose.

  • Password protected
  • Credit card size
  • Information saves automatically
  • Make changes and updates easily
  • Compatible for PC and MAC users
  • Pages can be saved, e-mailed or printed in PDF form
  • Over 200 megabytes available to save other documents and information

Price: $28.00

To purchase your MyDucks Personal Organizer or Thumb Drive, please email us and we will assist you with your purchase.